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Upcoming retreat

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Connect to Nature and your inner self at the old Theatre in the forest of Wild Sweden

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Lidija: The Yoga teacher shares her knowledge and experiences of connecting the Body and the Soul through various exercises and techniques.

On the nature and importance of returning to life according to the laws of Nature and returning to the Self.

On the importance of nutrition, how to prepare high-quality vegan food and grow your own food.

On the importance of Color and Frequency in our lives.

On the healing of dance, music and sounds of Mantra.

Vladimir: The modern Viking, the spiritualist, the protector of every being on Earth and the protector of nature, carries within Himself a Brave Heart, holding the pole that is grounding everyone around Him.

Serves with Gratitude to our Community.

Funny Guy.

We have both gone through various health, traumatic, social, elementary obstacles and disasters since early childhood, and met in the moment of the greatest life crisis and terminal illness, and with our perseverance, support and the use of Yoga techniques knowledge, nutrition and other, we have transformed our Life.

We are now here for all of you with an open heart and the Love for the whole community to help and support you in transforming your life.

By living in contact with different cultures, languages ​​and customs, we are expanding our experience of connection, that we are all one by organizing an evening of dance, tradition, music and food.

This is an invitation to everyone who is ready to change their lives and, at the same time, improve their lives on our Planet.

Through Yoga Knowledge (asana, breathing techniques, chakra balancing, meditation, visualization and mantras) we want to initiate your natural healing process and restore it to balance and transform and change your consciousness.

We want to strengthen your Intuition to create and make a quality Life for the purpose of your Soul.

We are here to help and support you in letting go of bad habits and adopting and integrating good ones into your life.

Working with Color Healing, we will introduce you to a new world of knowledge that allows you to use the frequency spectrum of colors in your nutrition, dressing, home and emotional life.

Through music, sounds, dance and movement, through energy and inspiration, we will share with you our enthusiasm for Life, joy and high vibrations.

By organizing evenings of different cultures and traditions, we will show you the Beauty of the whole world.

We offer catering services and preparing of high-quality variety of food, especially vegetarian, vegan and raw foods.

We have extensive experience professionally preparing food for courses, retreats and birthdays.

become a family, cook food together and transform into balance

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